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The Art Gallery of the CCFM

Since its construction in 1974, the Galerie d’art du CCFM has brought together the community of art lovers and Francophone and Francophile artists. It is recognized as one of the oldest galleries for Francophone minorities in Canada and hosts numerous exhibitions throughout the year. Join us and be a witness to these great exhibitions, a breath of extraordinary, fantastical and inspiring creations.

Hours of operation: 9am à 5pm

Location: Main floor of the CCFM, just after the entrance to Stella’s

Our Exhibitions

A cross between contemporary art and the heritage of Pauline Boutal

Crossroads presents a selection of works by Pauline Boutal, included in the celebration of the CCFM Art Gallery’s 45th anniversary. Boutal, known as “The Great Lady of the Cercle Molière”, was a pioneer and a leading manitoban figure in the visual and dramatic arts.

A source of inspiration, her work has influenced the artistic commitment of several generations, and even today it continues to have an impact on contemporary creations. Through augmented reality, or virtual reality, the exhibition shows the testimonies of the cultural actors who worked with her, in order to celebrate the legacy of an artist whose exceptional destiny made history.